Come and Worship the Risen Christ with Us

We believe in The Bible as the Word of God We affirm our historic statements of faith as found in the Nicene and Apostle's Creed.
Join us in worship as we praise Father Son and Holy Ghost
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                             Statements of Faith

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Statement of Moral Principles

Given our current time and context, we highlight and affirm the following moral principles, acknowledging that other moral principles merit our further attention.


Scripture teaches that men and women are of equal value in the eyes of God. Accordingly, the church should treat women and men equally.  We believe that both women and men are called to and gifted for ordained and licensed ministry, and both men and women are able to hold any role of leadership within the christian church catholic.

We believe that all persons are of sacred worth. Therefore, we gladly welcome all who seek to grow in their relationship with God to attend worship services and participate in the church’s ministries. No person shall be disqualified from becoming a member of a local congregation, holding a leadership position in the church, or becoming an ordained or licensed clergy based on race, color, nationality, national origin, marital status, or economic condition.

Epworth United Methodist specifically renounces all racial and ethnic discrimination and commits itself to work toward full racial and ethnic equality in the church and in society.

Marriage and Sexuality

We believe marriage and sexual intimacy are good gifts from God. In keeping with Christian teaching through the ages and throughout the Church universal, we believe that marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union. We believe that God intends faithfulness in marriage and celibacy in singleness.

Human Dignity

We believe that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. Hateful and harassing behavior or attitudes directed toward any individual or group are to be repudiated and are not in accord with Scripture nor the doctrines of the christian church catholic.

The Eucharist or Lord's Table is Open to ALL here at Epworth.